Your pre-containment accessories are at your disposal now

Feel free to wear Max & Jan accessories

What do you plan to wear after containment? You probably want to splurge and try to recapture the same feeling of freedom you had before COVID-19? Between the earrings getting caught in the elastic and the pendants settling under the weight of the mask,

Between mask wearing and behavioral changes, some pieces seem to be outdated. The fashion industry is undergoing a major overhaul, even in the current global pandemic climate, it is no exception. And as pandemic restrictions begin to be lifted, many people will soon be back on the streets strutting their stuff in their best outfits, which is why we decided to share some of our top accessories from AFRICAN COLLECTION BY MAX&JAN.


  • Necklaces

You can't get much better than a handmade chain, and if the necklace is going to be your centerpiece, you'll need to pick it first and select the rest of your accessories to complement it.  As the name suggests, a berber necklace sits on the chest like a strap, often covering the entire breastbone. It is distinguished by its bright colors and geometric patterns. Ideal for those who seek affirmation and dominance.

  • Earrings

Earrings are one of the most popular varieties of jewelry that women wear with pride. But choosing the right earring does not only depend on your mood, A small set of long and shimmering earrings can miraculously transform the look of any woman, elongating the face, giving it femininity and grace. Earrings of this type can be long, short, thin or thick, the most important thing is to choose the style that looks the most like you.

  • Bracelets and arm jewelry

The most common accessory around the world, women or men, our collection of bracelets BY AFRICAN COLLECTION, is handmade by local artisans from all over Africa, and where each bracelet is the symbol of an original culture.