5 Top Summer Essentials

It’s summer time! We have been waiting for this season all year long. It's time to bring out everything you love about summer. But, before planning your fun trip, make sure to have these summer essentials that will make your African outfit right on trend:

1.Chunky Jewellery :

The right accessories can instantly upgrade even your simplest ethnic outfit. But, of course, it has to be balanced. When overdone, accessories can make you an eyesore instead of eye candy. So, as a rule of thumb, wear fewer accessories when your outfit is already heavy with a considerable amount of ornamental work.


During the peak heat hours, make sure to be equipped with an easy, trendy and versatile slide-on sandal that goes with everything and is easy to slip your feet.

3.Straw Bag:

Make room in your closet for these trendy summer bags. Ranging in different shapes and sizes, straw bags can really highlight your African summer outfit. They reflect the relaxing and cool atmosphere of summer, making you feel as if you are on a permanent vacation. Versatile and unique, these straw bags will definitely become your summer favorite!


4.Lightweight jackets:

Summer weather can sometimes be very unpredictable. For this reason, it is always wise to bring a lightweight jacket such as a cropped blazer or kimono with you to events.

5.High confidence:

The most important summer essential is confidence. Find your inner confidence to rock any look you choose. Although choosing the right jewellery is important, self-confidence is indeed the ultimate fashion accessory this summer.


Want to update your summer wardrobe? Check out our African-inspired clothing collection. we work with talented African designers to bring beautiful handmade, and ethically made clothing. We hope you have a fabulous summer!