African Collection is the first African hub that aims to bring ethnical chic fashion to another level, a single platform for talented African designers to exhibit their work.

After a long-lived success in Marrakesh, African Collection is broadening its vision to a vaster playground: the whole African continent. With more than 10 years of experience behind our backbone we are really thrilled to carry out the project to its full potential.

African Collection is all about transcending trends and designing wild quirky pieces that would be appreciated for seasons to come. In other words, we're always challenging our beloved designers to stay on top of their game.

"We want to be fearless and a bit rock’ n’ roll in everything we do. We are constantly inspired by the energy, vibe and colours of Morocco and are fortunate to work with so skilled artisans to bring our creations to life"

Maximilian Scharl African Collection Founder & Creative Director

Ethics are the pillar of African Collection, the foundation of our brand is based on the value of fair trade and commitment to create new opportunities/jobs. Most of our product are handmade by local craftsmen using eco-friendly products.

A novelty born from the fusion of rock and roll and African culture makes African Collection a company with a nuance of newness in its apparel. A taste for Style that stimulates the desire to stand out in the crowd and lets you express yourself freely.